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 FLATLINE Directives

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PostSubject: Re: FLATLINE Directives   FLATLINE Directives Empty16/3/2009, 01:02

Admin wrote:
expect from the rest of us to PWNZOR like HELL

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PostSubject: FLATLINE Directives   FLATLINE Directives Empty16/3/2009, 00:24

Flatline Inc. top directives as follows:

First: Having fun is the most important goal, and trying to achive that by humor, and having good time, not by annoying, goat over or offending ppl, you should see what i mean by our posts on the official forum. For in-game, i would like to roleplay much, have ppl who can play with his/her char instead of having only an avatar of himself/herself there.

Second: We are strictly against all kind of cheating, hacking, bug exploiting. Its a matter of fact we will ban anyone if caught on cheating among us.

Third: We want to have influence in the crafting, and trade line, we will see what will be the best for make profit, but not being common. Thats one of the causes the gang is actually a firm.

Fourth: If it will be avaliable, build, or buy a very cool gang HQ, and spend lotsof time there hangin' around. If it will be expensive enough to have respect owning one, i want to set up some kind of tax system for us for achieving these kinda stuff.

Fifth: I will try my best, and expect from the rest of us to PWNZOR like HELL in instances by playing true teamplay, organized, and syncronised. I want to set up some kinda voip server for it, if there wont be any ingame.
Sixth: I'm trying to gather commited ppl, who really want to help Vogster in the future ingame and here as well to improve this mmo, by helping noobs, making suggestions, and if the beta will be avaliable for us, i want my gang to truly "beta test" besides playing.
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FLATLINE Directives
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